about us


„We are a young and creative architecture and design studio with a long standing international experience on the highest level!“

our method:

We are open towards new results. We believe that each projects must develop its own logic. The architectural articulation must adapt to each individual design task. We avoid pre-conceived solutions. We stay out of the way of these prejudices. All designs are developed in series and iterations in which we test the ideas’ fitness in analogue and digital media. Our pool of ideas is sourced from broader contextual inputs – cultural, technological, artistic, landscape, economic and material based. From this broadened understanding of context we materialize architectural form.All projects undergo the scrutiny of the 4 eyes principle. Our stringent project management and quality control allows us to deliver on time and budget.

A combination of practice and university based research supports our office culture. Material research and design research develop in synchronicity. Analogue and digital methods of design and fabrication are mutually applied. Their productivity opens new cultural routes for our clients while quantifiable models are available at each stage of the design process.

Sustainability means first and foremost to design places that not only function well, but whose spirit is enlivened by their cultural and architectural significance, in order to have a long successful life. Technological advancements in the field of climate and material simulation are naturally applied in the projects genesis.

Models (physical and digital) are perfect means to communicate internally and with clients and consultants. 3D printing comes into play as well as traditionally hand-crafted models. To ensure an uninterrupted planning coordination we employ building information models (BIM) which allows us to cater for a synchronized digital model in all stages of the design.

Cooperation is Key! Open exchange of ideas with all project players is central to success. Architecture is teamwork. There is no architecture of the singular, only the architecture of the team.

We have established great relations with established companies in the building industry and to innovative start-ups from the field of software and manufacturing development which allow us to employ competitive and future oriented methods of planning and building.

what we stand for:

Founded in 2014 in the centre of the hanseatic port city of Hamburg we represent innovative tailor-made architecture. Each task poses individual questions. Each answer must be individual. Each project opens up new possibilities. To acknowledge and understand the briefs uniqueness, to broaden the horizon of possibilities with attention to detail: This is our passion and our core competency!

our aim:

On the foundation of our long lasting success on national and international levels in the realm of contemporary architecture comprising project management, leadership of complex design teams  and the realization of some of the most challenging projects to date, we are continuously expanding our own portfolio. Our repertoire is developing beyond the limitations of pre-conceived forms or signature styles. Central to our collaborative approach is the dialogue with clients and specialist consultants as well as users. The precise and wholesome analysis of all planning parameters and the resulting coherent synthesis to a dense architectural form is paramount to our method. An inclusive overarching design approach which considers local, social, economical parameters as well as echoing international contemporary design discourse always leads to unique results. Integration, Inclusion and the sustainable association of differing demands within a coherent whole is our credo: Diversity within Unity!

our team:

We cooperate with a long list of specialists of various disciplines. Interdisciplinary discourse with artists, social media professionals, advertisement agencies, conductors, material researchers, teachers, business consultants becomes a fruitful source of operation. Our highly qualified staff with international work- and educational careers are adapted in number and characteristics to the current project demands. Each project is supplied with suitable staff.

theory und practise:

We continuously extend our capacities in the field of advanced digital planning and manufacturing techniques. Office practice is enriched via our design research at various universities and schools of applied arts and science. Within Germany we have conducted several Master Courses at the University of Kassel (Institute for Digital Design Techniques) as guest professors, the University of Applied Arts in Düsseldorf (PBSA, Master Studio) as international visiting professors and as lecturers at various schools among them the Leibniz University in Hannover. Many personally and professionally enriching contacts have been established within academia throughout this time. Our curiosity is constantly being triggered. Our work is supported and enriched by our design research work with the students who stay in contact with our studio and also follow their own successful paths.

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