P82 Symposia

Palmaille is a street in Hamburg, which is an important connection between the districts of Altona and Ottensen. The function of Palmaille has changed over time, as the street has a long history. Originally, it served as a port road and was used by merchants and sailors to transport their goods to and from ships. Today, Palmaille has mainly a traffic function and is used by cars and bicycles. However, it is also a popular place for walks. The invited guests will explore questions of the site, the city of Hamburg, public space, open spaces, participation and the role of the designer* and architect* in this context.

For this series of events we have specially designed an urban seating furniture, which was manufactured by the roof box manufacturer KAMEI in a deep-drawing process. On three dates – following a presentation about the design and production process – the outdoor space around Palmaille 82 will be used for situationist actions. The stackable chairs will be carried by the participants into the outdoor space and configured into a public talk-show arena.

An event in the context of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023:

Symposium I – 25.05.2023 – 16:00-17:30 – Guests: Kristina Bacht and Jochen Stüber

Kristina Bacht studied architecture and urban planning and has been publishing director of AIT-Dialog and chief curator of the AIT Architektursalon in Hamburg and Munich. The AIT Architektursalon is an exhibition space and event venue for architecture and design. It offers a variety of exhibitions and events on architecture, interior design and other related fields.
Kristina Bacht is known for her expertise in architecture and her passion for promoting innovative and sustainable design. She has organized and curated numerous exhibitions, lectures, and events in the field of architecture and design and has been recognized for her contributions to the industry.

Jochen Stüber works as an architectural photographer throughout Germany with headquarters in Hamburg.

He is known for his unique approach to capturing the built environment.

Jochen Stüber’s work has been featured in numerous publications.

He works with a variety of clients in the architecture, design and real estate industries. Jochen Stüber has held a teaching position in architectural photography at Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude since 2015.

Symposium II – 01.06.2023 – 16:00-17:30 – Guest: Nathanaël Gourdin

Nathanaël Gourdin is a German-French designer and founder of Studio Gourdin, a design and communication agency based in Hamburg, Germany. The agency specializes in the design and implementation of spatial communication, branding and exhibition design.
Nathanaël Gourdin has more than 20 years of experience in design and has worked with a variety of clients from different industries, including museums, cultural institutions and retail companies. He is particularly interested in designing immersive spatial experiences that engage and communicate with audiences.

Symposium III – 08.06.2023 – 16:00-17:30 – Guest: Reiner Mertins

Reiner Mertins is a Hamburg-based landscape architect who has been involved in urban landscape design for 30 years. With his office Mertins Landschaftsarchitektur he plans and realizes a variety of challenging projects in the public, commercial and private sectors in and around Hamburg. Starting from the potentials on site, he stages dynamic and authentic open spaces that are clearly legible to the viewer.

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